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IP Telephony offerings
IP Telephony is giving way to some of the most significant changes ever to hit the communications industry. By converting phone calls into data and merging them with computer networks, enterprise phone systems have become far more sophisticated than they used to be, bringing you benefits that were otherwise impossible. Now you can further leverage your data network and the Internet to:

• Place office phones virtually anywhere around the world.
• Connect all your office’s phone systems together seamlessly
• Virtually eliminate long distance toll charges.
• Adopt powerful new productivity enhancements for end users.
• Reduce operational costs.

The Toshiba IP Vision
Today, Toshiba offers a comprehensive feature rich suite of IP-ready communication solutions for the Small and Medium Enterprise market with best in class migration, quality and reliability. We plan to continue to evolve our product line to deliver on the value set enabled through emerging technologies such as IP and Voice/Data Mobility. Ultimately we will merge the best of our traditional and open platform systems into a fully converged voice/data IP solution with seamless wireline/wireless capability, unbeatable flexibility in call handling, and comprehensive legacy support.

Our goal is to migrate existing and new customers to a highly adaptive, applications enabled, IP Communications Solution that will allow the Enterprise to do business the way they want to. Our system will incorporate the best of today's quality and reliability, call handling, messaging and other applications in a well abstracted, cutting edge, rules based architecture for unparalleled flexibility.

We believe Enterprises shouldn't have to adapt to technology, rather technology should adapt to the needs of Enterprises. We are committed to delivering on the promise of emerging technologies by developing and packaging these technologies into Communication Solutions which allow Enterprises to be more cost effective, more competitive, more connected to their customers, vendors and each other.

IP Enabling Strata CS Communication Server (Toshiba)
The Strata CS Communication Server is a Voice based software driven communication server that combines the power of the desktop computer with advanced telecommunications technology. Strata CS systems can be IP enabled in various ways.

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IP Enabling Strata CTX and Strata DK (Toshiba)
Toshiba voice over IP gateway products are intended for use by smaller and medium size organizations with multiple geographically dispersed locations. This enables them to take advantage of the toll bypass long distance cost savings.

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Voice over IP (VoIP) (Toshiba)
The value of Internet Protocol (IP) technology comes from how it will revolutionize the way enterprises interact with suppliers, customers, and employees.

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