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Voice Assistant

Voice Assistant is a full-featured voice processing platform that enhances other OAISYS products by answering and transferring calls, playing recorded prompts, collecting customer provided information and recording calls.

Voice Processing
Voice Assistant is the engine behind all voice processing capabilities in the OAISYS suite. Working in conjunction with other OAISYS modules, Voice Assistant provides even more capabilities to each application such as making announcements to callers, performing overhead paging announcements, prompting callers for information and attaching it to the phone call, validating user information from a database, recording telephone conversations, sending beeper messages and playing a menu of choices for a caller to act upon.

Interactive Voice Response
Voice Assistant is a flexible interactive voice response (IVR) system that provides callers with automated access to information or collects information from the caller such as an account number or PIN. The combination of hardware and software makes Voice Assistant dynamic in that its functionality is shared across all other OAISYS applications for a complete and integrated solution.

Database Assistant
The Database Assistant option connects Voice Assistant with any industry-standard ODBC compliant database to provide customers with even more automated information including order entry, job status, site locations and customer surveys.

Text Reader
Text Reader is a text-to-speech engine that "speaks" database information to the caller. This benefits applications with extensive information such as requesting addresses or product information. Text Reader eliminates the need to record voice prompts with the information.

OAISYS Voice Assistant saves company resources and time by automating routine telephone processes such as collecting customer information and providing callers with routine and relevant information.

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