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For small businesses, the Strata DK14 & DK40i digital business telephone systems offer a solution that fits your needs. The revolutionary "building block" design of Strata DK systems lets you start small and add on as your business grows. Strata DK systems incorporate the latest technological advances into the friendliest user interface possible, improving your company's communications, efficiency, and productivity for years to come.

Keep Your Return On Investment Growing
With the Strata DK14 and DK40i you've got a solid plan for controlling operational costs and increasing productivity.
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Introducing The Stratagy
In today's communication-intensive business world, voice, fax, and e-mail message traffic is increasing dramatically. As a result, the need to manage that huge message load is more critical and complex than ever. We are dedicated to providing our customers with telecommunication solutions that meet the demands of today's small to large business environments.

Improved Communications
How effectively your employees communicate can be just as important as how they communicate with your customers. With the Stratagy system, your people will be able to create, send, receive, review and save voice messages from any tone-dialing telephone.

Investment Protection
Stratagy gives you several models to choose from, all developed by Toshiba. Since Stratagy is extremely flexible and expandable, it can easily meet your needs. And because the Stratagy voice processing system is from a single manufacturer, upgrades and improvements can usually be incorporated into your existing system quickly and inexpensively.


Today, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology is no longer a complex maze of hardware and confusing software. It's a proven revenue-producing, cost-reducing system that can significantly boost your profits year after year.

IVR gives a voice to your computer database. It gives your callers the information they need, plus generates sales and provides service, 24 hours a day. It retrieves answers on your computer system, based on information each caller provides, from account numbers to phone numbers. Ultimately, IVR lets you expand your business hours without adding staff!

Virtually all major corporations have been reaping the many benefits of IVR for years. Until now, only large organizations with deep pockets could afford the investment required to enjoy significant IVR benefits. At last, IVR gives you the advantage of sophisticated voice-processing technology without limits, backed by Toshiba's legendary world-class service and support.

With Toshiba IVR's advanced technology and your ingenuity, you have the power to create unlimited profit-making applications. And since Toshiba IVR is scaleable, it can keep generating revenue for you and protect your investment-as your business grows.

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