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In today's communication-intensive business world, you need a reliable strategy for managing messages as well as meeting customer demand for immediate information. The most effective strategy is the Toshiba Stratagy family of voice processing systems. By putting Stratagy's sophisticated solutions to work, you'll streamline your operations and increase your staff's productivity.

Proven Reliability and Tradition
With a long history of expertise in both telephony and computer technology, Toshiba is uniquely qualified to bring the best of these technologies together in the Stratagy system. Toshiba has manufactured proven telecommunication systems for over a century. That's why the Toshiba name is a guarantee of quality and reliability for millions of customers worldwide.

The Stratagy Family of Voice Processing Solutions
From automated attendant to voice mail to Unified Messaging, from an integrated circuit card to a rack mountable network server, you'll find a Stratagy voice processing solution designed to cost-effectively meet your company's specific needs. Since Stratagy is expandable, your investment will be protected as your voice processing needs change.

Stratagy ES (Enterprise Server)

Toshiba's most advanced voice processing applications in small to enterprise-size platforms. Integrates with Toshiba Strata DK and Strata CTX telephone systems, and other manufacturers' telephone systems.

Stratagy iES32 (Integrated Enterprise Server)
Toshiba's most advanced voice processing features incorporated on a circuit card, providing plug-and-play operation with the Toshiba Strata CTX business telephone system.

Stratagy IVP8
Integrated circuit card ideal for small to medium-size businesses who want to add voice processing capabilities to their Toshiba Strata DK and CTX telephone systems.


Features & Benefits

Stratagy Advisor
An interactive end-user tutorial CD-ROM included with every system. It provides information and interactive training on the most commonly used Stratagy features.

New-User Tutorial
Upon logging into a mailbox, the tutorial walks the user through recording their name, a personal greeting and changing their default security code.

Automated Attendant with Speech Recognition
ASR technology processes names and commands from the human voice, and automatically routes calls accordingly.

Unified Messaging
Unified Messaging lets you efficiently access, save, and forward e-mail, voice mail and fax messages via modem from a PC, workstation, laptop, the internet or a tone dialing telephone.

Leading-edge text-to-speech technology reads your e-mail messages to you. Simply call into your voice mailbox and listen to your e-mail messages in an easily understood computerized voice.

Complete System Integration
Cost -effective integration and seamless performance with Toshiba systems and most other non-Toshiba telephone systems.

Personal Mailbox
Users can choose from up to seven greetings, automatically controlled call-screening, single-digit menus, personal call queuing with connection choices to an operator or another party, and more.

Information Mailboxes
Callers can hear frequently requested information, such as hours of operations, directions, event dates and times, quickly and reliably 24-hours a day, seven days a week-without speaking to an operator.

Logical User Interface
Designed for the way you use your phone, simple, easy-to-remember feature access and operation makes the system extremely easy to use.

Single Digit Menus
Allows callers easy and quick access to your company departments or information. Choices and routing may be automatically changed by time of day and day of week.

Company Directory Assistance
Allows employees and outside callers to locate a party or department by dialing a name. Saves your customer time and frustration by not being put on hold while the operator looks up the name and number.

Enables users of Stratagy systems to communicate with users of Toshiba VP systems and other manufacturers voice processing systems supporting the AMIS analog networking protocol.

FAX Integration*
Offering fax delivery features such as Fax Back and Fax on Demand, the Stratagy sends information to your customers at their convenience. The Stratagy Fax Mail feature notifies users when a fax transmission is automatically received. Saving, forwarding or printing the fax is simple, whether you're in the office or out in the field.

* Not available on all Stratagy systems.


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