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Voicemail Alternative
OAISYS Park & Page works to connect callers to their intended party when they are not at their extension. Many job functions require people not be behind a desk all day. With Park & Page, people have the freedom to be mobile and perform normal job functions without being tied down to a desk or stuck in the office. Park & Page encompasses four applications that assist in connecting callers with their intended party:


Insta-Page is an economical, on-site response system that notifies you of a call through an intercom system or on-premise pager. Once you are alerted, you can retrieve the call from any phone on the system. If the person does not answer the call, it will be transferred to that person's voicemail.

Page Orbits
With Page Orbits, callers can choose to leave a message or hold while the system pages the person through an intercom system, on-premise pager or WAN pager. Once the person is notified, they dial a special number and access code from any phone (on or off premise), to retrieve the call. If the person does not answer the call, it will be transferred to that person's voicemail.

Locate Me
Locate Me is the most advanced of the Park & Page applications. With Locate Me, the caller can choose between voicemail and holding while the application contacts the intended person through a list of alternative phone numbers which can include a cellular phone number, home or remote office. Park & Page routes the call to the specified numbers and when the person answers, an access code is entered and the call is put through. If the person does not answer the call, it will be transferred to that person's voicemail.

Home Agents
The Home Agents feature allows an employee to work from a remote location and still receive ACD group phone calls without having special phone equipment or services. Home Agents utilizes Voice Assistant and Database Assistant to evenly distribute calls to the offsite agents. Agents can log in or out remotely by calling into the system or they can be logged in or out by an on-site administrator.

Park & Page allows mobile employees to receive telephone calls wherever they happen to be. Whether they are walking around the building, out on the sales floor, at lunch or across the country, important phone calls can reach them on the first attempt. This greatly decreases telephone tag, voicemail messages, callbacks, and missed sales opportunities.

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