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Net Phone

OAISYS Net Phone provides users with telephone features and call-handling functions directly from the computer. Net Phone manages incoming and outgoing call functions and synchronizes with a company's operations, CRM or contact software. Options such as dialing, answering, transferring, placing a call on hold and ending calls are accessible from the computer through Net Phone's graphical interface.

Screen Pops and Outbound Dialing
Net Phone can integrate many popular software packages with the phone system for efficient applications. Software packages such as Microsoft Outlook, ACT!, Goldmine and TeleMagic, and many more can integrate for automatic database lookups (or screen pops) and click-to-dial functionality.

Personal Call Handler
The Personal Call Handler saves time by automatically performing routine call-handling events. Users can choose to route calls without Caller ID directly to voicemail, launch e-mail or contact programs and log into an ACD group when starting up.

Call Notes
Call Notes allows a user, or any OAISYS module, to add information to a call. Information that can be added ranges from text notes to account numbers to web addresses. As the call is transferred, any Net Phone user who receives the call can view the Call Notes. Net Phone users can see information the caller entered into the Voice Assistant IVR, information attached to the call by Call Router, and any information that previous call recipients entered.

Net Phone's versatility allows you to control calls, capture important customer data and provide customers with superior service.

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