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Chat is an interactive, two-way instant messaging system that provides a simple means to silently communicate with others on your network. Unlike e-mail, Chat's instant messages pop up automatically on the recipient's desktop monitor for immediate response.

Instant Communication
When attempting to send a message to someone, Chat will allow you to choose from the users currently logged on to the server. Chat displays the name and extension of each user, making it easy to find the desired recipient. Once a recipient is chosen, Chat provides a text window in which to enter the message. For commonly sent requests and responses, Chat stores up to eight messages, making common requests and responses quick and easy to send. When receiving an instant message, users can type in responses through the pop-up text window. The text window then keeps a running log of the conversation.

Broadcast Messages
Chat allows you to send a message to a single person, a group or all logged-on users. This is useful to alert a specific group of people, such as a department, or to alert everyone of an event, such as a company-wide meeting.

Chat is effective for receptionists and secretaries who need the ability to send urgent messages even while the recipient is on a call. It can also be effective in a call center environment where agents need to communicate with supervisors.

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