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OAISYS Call Router is an intelligent call routing system that uses caller information and schedules to automatically route calls to a particular person, call group or automated application.

Intelligent Routing
Call Router utilizes Caller ID or customer information to identify each call and to quickly route it to the person or group best suited to service them. Callers can also be prompted to input identifying information such as an account number, serial number or phone number to assist in routing the call. The caller's information is entered into the Call Router database, which stores the information for each caller. The database can store more than 1,500,000 entries, easily managing virtually any routing application. Call Router can also draw and store caller information from any ODBC-compliant database.

After Hours
Call Router efficiently routes calls even when your business is closed. Using schedules based on time of day, day of week or date of year, Call Router gets after-hours, weekend and holiday calls to the appropriate destination, alerts an on-call person by pager or transfers a call to an alternate phone number without having someone working 24 hours a day to answer phones. Schedules also help in routing calls during heavy call periods, breaks and lunches by forwarding calls to other destinations or directly to voicemail.

Auto Learn
The Auto Learn feature allows Call Router to recognize multiple telephone numbers from the same company and to change the Caller ID information to the main company number or an account number in the Call Router database. By doing this, the number of successful screen pops is increased. A name can be added to Caller ID information for easy identification by the answering party. Call Router prompts the incoming caller for additional information and presents that new information each time a call is received from the original telephone number.

Call Router's intelligent routing saves time and money and improves customer service by automatically routing callers to the appropriate destination.

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