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Auto Call Record

Digital Call Recording
Auto Call Record is an integrated, digital call recording application that intelligently monitors calls and selectively records conversations. Recordings are made in a compressed digital format to maximize recording storage without diminishing voice quality. Authorized users can quickly retrieve the high quality digital recordings over any data network and play them with a multimedia computer.

Selective Recording
The system can be programmed to record different types of calls (outgoing, incoming, intercom, outside, etc.) and to record any or all extensions. Auto Call Record follows transferred calls and continues to record the conversation and can also be programmed to randomly record a specific percentage of calls on each extension. Recordings can also be scheduled by time of day/day of week. The type of calls to be recorded can be programmed on an extension-by-extension basis. As a member of the OAISYS family, Auto Call Record can work with other OAISYS products for enhanced solutions.

All recordings made directly to the OAISYS server have all available call data stored with the recording. Data available includes time, date, Caller ID, extension number, account code and length of call. Retaining this information simplifies the task of finding a specific call in the future. Simplifying playback further, the OAISYS Player can sort recordings by the combination of any two pieces of call data. The OAISYS Player can be installed on any multimedia PC with access to the desired recordings, either locally or over a Local Area Network (LAN).

Auto Call Record also offers the ability to record calls into the PBX voicemail system. When sending recordings into the voicemail, the administrator selects which voicemail box will receive the recordings. Each station can be recorded into a unique voicemail box or into a collective voicemail box.

Flexible Storage
Auto Call Record conveniently stores recorded calls on the OAISYS PC as compressed WAV files or other popular formats. The recordings can be transferred to any storage device such as CD, DVD or DAT (digital audio tape) for archiving and playback.

Auto Call Record's intelligent call recording and playback capabilities make it an important communications tool for telephone training, documentation and archiving.

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