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ACD Manager

Event Notification
For any company, an unanswered call or busy signal can have a negative impact on sales and customer service. ACD Manager monitors calls and phone agents for user-specified time and event-based thresholds to occur. These thresholds are set so service levels can be maintained, customer service can be improved and lost opportunities can be reduced. Events include a caller hanging up, agents missing calls, callers waiting for an extended period of time, the number of calls holding exceeding a specific percentage of agents, or the last agent logging out. Notification can be via overhead paging, beeper pager (wide area or onsite), telephone call, bell, strobe light, reader board, or instant messaging.

Routing and Overflow
Once ACD Manager detects that an event has occurred, it will take an action on the event such as signaling an overhead pager, sending an instant text message, or transferring the call to another group, extension or voicemail box. ACD Manager monitors up to 50 ACD groups, searching for up to eight events per group and can take one action per threshold. The intelligent look ahead feature checks the status of other ACD groups to determine if a call will be answered in less time. If it finds a group that can, the call will be transferred.

Call Backs
ACD Manager provides callers with the option of leaving contact information so the next available agent can immediately call them back. Callers can hang up and, unlike voicemail, their request will be queued and they will automatically get a return phone call in a similar amount of time as if they had waited on hold. Agents are not required to dial the callback number; ACD Manager automatically dials it for them.

Abandoned Call Backs
ACD Manager helps track abandoned callers by capturing Caller ID information of calls that hang up and placing a callback with that information in the queue so the next available agent can contact the caller.

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